Our luxurious wigs collection are 100% Human Remy Hair or premium quality synthetic wigs. We carry full lace wigs and hand-tied wigs.

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Hair Couture Hand-Tied Synthetic Wig Kelly Ann

Length: 24″


Wig Care Instruction

1. Before you wash, make sure you carefully de-tangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Start from ends and work toward the root.

2. Using lukewarm water, wet the hair piece and apply sulfate free shampoo.

3. Gently comb the shampoo through the hair downwards, one section at a time. Do not scrub the hair or cap.

4. Gently lather and apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the cap. Use circular motions to clean the cap.

5. Rinse with lukewarm water from the top down and from the inside of the cap to remove excess shampoo.

6. Condition the hair from mid to bottom (avoid the cap area) and rinse by letting water run down.

7. Towel dry and gently blot hair to rid excess water. Allow the wig to air dry naturally.

8. When the hair is dried, gently brush through with a wide tooth comb to style.

9. To re-style your human wig, you may use a curling iron or flat iron on low heat setting on dry hair.

10. If you choose, you may apply a small amount of serum or light oils throughout the hair to add vibrancy, moisture and protection to the hair.



Additional information

Weight 14.9 oz
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4 in

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