10 Questions to Ask New Hair Extension Clients

We are dedicated to providing accurate resources to educate our hair professionals in hair extensions. To ensure that you manage the expectations of your clients, We highly recommend an in-depth consultation prior to the application of extensions on every new client as well as a follow-up consultation when they return for the reapplication to ensure that the experience lived up to their expectations. Some typical questions you should be asking are:

1. Have you worn hair extensions before, if so what kind?

This allows your client to share their likes and dislikes about hair extensions. It will also help determine what methods they have used previously and what works with their lifestyle and hair.

2. Do you have any hesitations regarding hair extensions?

Your client can be concerned about damage, hair loss, and draining their wallet. This could also be the first time they have heard of hair extensions as a solution to their problem.

3. Do you have a budget?

It’s important to gauge your Client’s budget and manage their expectations. This applies to the initial application and care of their extensions. Some clients may not have it in their budget for the required maintenance of hair extensions.

4. What is your current daily hair care routine?

Ask this to see if they are a good candidate to be taking care of their investment and if they are willing to add the extra time into their daily routine. Your client may also need to purchase additional products in order to maintain the health of their hair extensions.

5. How do you feel about the color of your hair?

Good news! Hair extensions are a great way to lighten and change your hair color without applying bleach. It’s important to ask your client if they want to change or stay the same color. For some methods, hair extensions can actually help your hair grow.

6. Would you like to add length, volume, or both?

Hair extensions can add length and volume to your hair. Take note of your client’s expectations and what their current look is.

7. What are your hair goals?

It’s important to know if your clients are using hair extensions as a temporary or permanent solution to their current hair. Your clients may be using hair extensions for a special event or for their everyday hair. It’s your job to give them the best advice regarding hair extensions and help them along their journey.

8. Are they currently taking any medications that are known to cause hair loss?

This is a very important question as there are several prescription drugs which treat Thyroid imbalances, Cholesterol, Anticoagulants, Blood Pressure Medication, Psoriasis, Antacid, Testosterone and progesterone, Antifungals, etc., are known to cause hair loss. Hair extensions are not recommended for women currently experiencing hair loss.

9. Have you had any major life changes within the past 6 to 12 months?

Make sure your client hasn’t undergone any surgery or had major life changes that have caused significant amounts of stress or hormonal changes. As a Stylist, it is your duty to determine if your client is a good candidate for hair extensions and the health of their scalp is up to par.

10. Always Ask Open-Ended Questions

Allow your clients to share what they want and don’t want. It can help you understand what you can and cannot do to their hair. As a Stylist, it’s always exciting when one of your Clients takes an interest in hair extensions or when you’ve offered it as a solution to their hair problems. It is your job to make sure the hair extension method that they are interested in is suitable for their budget, lifestyle, and hair type.

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