11 Crazy Simple Tricks With Hair Extensions

 One of the easiest ways to switch up your look is to change your hairstyle.  While there’s only so much you can do by trying new hairstyles, you can also change the color or put on a wig. But usually wigs are itchy and it’s a lot of work keeping up with roots as your hair grows out.

So it’s much simpler to opt for hair extensions.  They are so easy to add but aren’t permanent and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  If you have fine or short hair, then extensions can add a little volume, thickness, and extra length.

You can have an entirely new look just by clipping in some extensions.  You’ll also be able to try new hairstyles that require longer, thicker hair.  Beautiful and ornate braids or updos will suddenly be easy to pull together in minutes.

Even if you think extensions aren’t for you, every girl should try them at least once.  They really can make a difference in the way you look and feel.  Having long, flowing locks is a great confidence booster too. 

Perhaps you’re still skeptical and wondering what is possible once you have hair extensions. We understand that extensions can be a big investment for some, so let’s look at some tricks you’ll have access to should you choose to go that route.

A few different things we’ll cover include:

  • Fuller high ponytail with extensions
  • Blend in your extensions for a seamless look
  • Improve the grip of clip-in extensions
  • Apply extensions at an angle for a feathered and natural effect
  • Hide the ends of your extensions
  • Start from the bottom
  • Hiding short-cut layers under your halo extensions
  • Twist away the short hair around your neck
  • Keep extensions below the eyebrows and under the ears
  • Clip extensions closer together for more volume and similar length
  • Condition and care for your extensions

In addition to these 11 simple tricks, you will also get a crash course in hair extensions. By the end, you will know the difference between extensions made from synthetic versus real human hair.

You’ll also know some of the most important pros and cons of each type so you can decide which ones are the right fit for you.  One of the most important factors is how often you plan to wear extensions.

Are they going to be a daily or ongoing part of your look?  Or do you just want to enhance your features for a special occasion such as a wedding or vacation?

Then we will also look at six different types of extensions.  You may not have known there were so many kinds so don’t worry if you start to feel overwhelmed.

This easy to understand guide will break everything down for you and highlight all the vital information so you can make a decision.

Finally, we will touch on the proper care of whichever extensions you choose because it’s important to take care of them.  Being gentle and knowing what extensions need will prolong their life and make sure they last you for a long time.  A new extension and maybe combined with the right makeup and you’ll knock em’ dead!

Reference: https://larivierefashion.com/11-crazy-simple-tricks-with-hair-extensions/