It's almost Valentine’s Day and you know what that means...buckets of love, chocolate (lots of it), stuffed animals, and dinner dates! Don’t know what hairstyle to wear on this night of lovey-dovey duos? Try one of these stunning styles for your special night out:


This is a stunning and sexy style that will surely impress everyone, especially that special someone! Clip in your favorite hair extensions to achieve the volume and length needed for this stunning look.

  • Using a thick barreled curling iron, start on one side of your hair and curl away from your face.
  • After curling a section, lightly run your hands through the curl and shake it out to create a loose wave rather than an actual curl (we’re not looking for cheer curls tonight!).
  • Repeat this on both sides, remembering to curl your hair the opposite way on the other side.
  • Once you are done, give your whole head a light spritz of hairspray to hold those voluptuous waves in place!

Now you’ve got va-va-voom curls that will make a statement for your big night!


This style is flirty and glamorous, and absolutely perfect for all of your Valentine’s plans! From movie nights, to dinner dates, to romantic walks on the beach (we wish!!) this style will be a showstopper at all of them. This pony looks FAB with long luscious curls, but not all of us are blessed with long locks to pull it off. Don’t fret quite yet..

  • Tease your hair on the sides of your part to boost volume and then pull your hair into a high or low ponytail (it's up to you!!).
  • Put in your ponytail piece, leaving a few strands of hair out in the front to frame your face and give them a soft curl.
  • Throw on your trendy outfit and accessories to match your new gorgeous hairstyle and your date will be in awe!


Lost track of time and forgot to wash your hair before your big plans? We know this all too well...so don’t have a panic attack because we’ve got a quick and sexy hairstyle that you can rock for your date night.

  • Use some dry shampoo on your roots and hairline, then give your hair a light tease.
  • Use a spritz of hairspray and comb your hair back into a low side bun (leave bangs out to frame your face, consider curling with curling iron).
  • Then all you have to do is put in the hair extension and viola! You’ve got a romantic hairstyle done in seconds!

It’ll look like you slaved over this style, and your date will be so impressed...when in reality it took no time at all! We promise we’ll keep our lips sealed…

These three styles will have you covered for all of the Valentine’s plans you’ve got on your schedule. And trust us, he won't be able to keep his eyes off you!

Reference: https://www.hairextensions.com/blogs/news/date-night-hairstyles