Now that you’ve purchased one, if not many, of Hair Evermore’s finest wigs, you need to know a few essential tips and tricks to maintain new hair, especially in terms of using a brush or comb. Much like human hair, you need to comb wigs every day to ensure their health and appearance, but you shouldn’t comb wigs as you would the hair on your head. A much gentler approach needs to be used, and we are here to help! Below are a few certain techniques you need to know and apply to extend your wig’s lifespan.


1. Make sure you have the right type of brush. 

There is a slew of various brushes and combs available on the market, however, most brushes are too rough on your wigs ruining their chances of lasting longer than a few months. So in order to keep your wig looking fresh for years to come, there are two types of brushes we can recommend (both pictured below.)


2. Brush your wig only when it’s dry.

There will come a time when you’ll need to clean and wash your wig due to dirt and oil buildup (as what would occur on your natural hair). However, once you’ve washed your wig, make sure you don’t comb your wig while it’s wet, as you would your real hair. You’ll need to pat your wig between a folded towel and pat it dry before you attempt to brush or comb it. This could result in any number of damage types: Loosening hair from the lace, causing knots, matting, and overstretch the hair causing increased shedding from the wig cap. Also, make sure you do not stretch it over a styrofoam head form.


3. Lay your wig on a towel with the ends out. Brush out your wig’s hair smoothly along the towel.

When brushing your hair, first and foremost, be gentle. If you rush brushing your wig, it could loosen the knots holding the fibers to the wig base. To avoid this, start by brushing the ends of your wig in small strokes. After that, move your brush or comb up and begin brushing at the midway point toward the ends of your wig. Then continue on by starting your brushing motion at the scalp, moving toward the ends (from top to bottom). This is to ensure that your wig is combed gently and thoroughly.

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