If you’re considering hair extensions, we can’t blame you. They make getting ready for the day so much easier and less time-consuming. However, there are a few tips regarding how one should wear and preserve hair extensions before taking that first easy step.


1. Use real hair extensions.

Real human hair extensions look so much more natural and healthy compared to synthetics, and you’re able to match your natural hair definition, style, and color so much easier. No one will be able to tell the difference! The bonus to real human hair extensions is that they can last up to 1 year if taken care of.


2. Buy only the amount of hair you need.

Often times people purchase hair at a long length so they can cut it to the size and shape of their natural hair, but in the end, this is only going to waste your hard-earned money and waste product. Especially since 100% human hair is pricier than synthetic. Buy what you need at the length you need.


3. Ready to add extensions? Part the areas where you’d like to add them.

Make sure to have a hair clip handy to keep those parts in place. Once you’ve parted and clipped all of the areas where you’d like to add your extensions, you’ll be able to freely handle your extensions and snap them into your natural hair easily. If you’re looking to add multiple extensions in the same area, start at the lowest point and add up every inch and a half. Buzzfeed has some great step by step photos to help you along!


4. Use your fingers to smooth out the ends.

Once your extensions have been clipped in amongst your real hair, it’s best to smooth them out and blend them in for a more natural appearance. You can use your fingers or a brush to do accomplish this. However, if you do use a brush, make sure you brush gently so you don’t loose your work. 


5. Need to re-curl your extensions after they’ve been placed? No problem.

It’s best to do this when you know exactly where you placed the extensions, so we advise that you attempt this right after you’ve placed your extensions. Otherwise, you may have trouble knowing exactly where your extension hairs end and your real hair begins. Please note, it’s much easier to do the curling before your extensions are in place to save yourself time and possible frustration.


6. Wearing your hair up? Put your extensions in upside down!

This is a really fun little tip that not many people know about. Place your clip upside down against your roots and underneath a layer of hair (so you can’t see it). Then tease your hair near the roots to hide the clips. 


As always, we advise that you plan to make an appointment with the professionals on hand at Hair Evermore in order to get the most out of your extensions. We not only are able to help give you direction, advice, and guidance to finding and creating the right extensions and look for you, but help perfectly place your extensions ourselves. We’re here to help you become the most beautiful you.