All about human ponytail hair extension!

One of the popular hairstyles during several years is not a loose hair or knots but ponytails. This kind of styling ‘hits the bull's eye’ two times. Firstly, your head looks very neat and elegant as the front hair is combed back and smoothly laid, they shine after using styling means to make the hair look absolutely sleek. Secondly, you highlight the length and health of your hair, as ponytails are usually long thick and shiny. By the way, the fashion for the ponytail hairstyle starts in the early 60s, and was introduced by the magnificent Brigitte Bardot, who became the symbol of the decade and had a significant influence on the style of that time. Today, these hairstyles are still actual. 

What ponytail to choose human natural or synthetic?

Unnatural strands initially have too bright shine, which is uncharacteristic of your own. It means that it will not be possible to keep the secret of instant transformation, and the difference between your curls and ponytail will be very noticeable. Natural strands are ideal for the structure and have a healthy, shiny look.

  Human ponytails can be curled, straightened, styled, and so on as accurately as your hair. They are easy to styling and keep their shape for a long time.

  Well, have we assured you of choosing the human natural ponytail extension to shine like a precious diamond? 

How to wear a ponytail

If You have a short volume less hair with weak tips, you may use extension tail as well. You may have several tails of different colors, wavy or ultra-sleek, voluminous and extra-long. No hesitation, any of them will look great on you. 

  1. Wash your hair, as usual, with shampoo and moisten the conditioner. Blot hair with a towel. Check for no knots are left in them. 
  2. Use styling products: mousse, gel, or balm. 
  3. Blow-dry your hair by combing it with a flat hairbrush until it is smooth and completely dry. 
  4. Collect the hair from behind with one hand: at the back of the head, slightly higher or at the top of the head, depending on where you want to make the tail. 
  5. Smooth the hair with your free hand or a hairbrush so that there are no bumps. 
  6. Fasten the tail with a scrunchy of the same color. 
  7. Tail the hair tightly around the elastic to make a small knot. Pin this knot with invisible hairpins. 
  8. Place the patch tail on top of the knot so that the strings hang on either side of it. 
  9. Attach the patch tail to real hair by inserting the built-in clips under the hair knot. 
  10. Take a string in each hand and pull them together so that the patch tail tightly wraps around the knot. 
  11. Wrap the drawstrings around the base of the patch tail and clip the stealth hairpins so that the drawstrings are not visible. 
  12. Secure the patch tail with a tape or hair tie. Look how easy to wear ponytail human hair extension in our video. 

How to keep up human ponytail extensions


We recommend soft shampoo with no sulfates with a neutral PH. Let it be for fine hair, which is just cleaning but not irritate or dry. You can also buy the specific shampoo for extensions.

Wash and dry

Spread the haircare means gently, no rubbing. Use only warm water. Carefully blot with a towel and lay on a flat surface. Let it dry itself on air. In case of hairdryer- use cool mode.


The best brush for human extensions is wide-tooth combs that smoothen the hair. Usual brushes can make tangles. The Tangle Teezer hairbrush has unique teeth that simply glide through any type of hair, without stretching, snagging or snapping, leaving you with simply smooth & glossy hair in seconds.

Ponytail hairstyles

  I cannot pass by the beautiful owner of a genuinely famous ponytail, Ariana Grande. Honestly, when I think about the extensions tails, I willy-nilly, remember this talented singer. Everyone knows that because of the deterioration of her hair, she was forced to wear an extension ponytail, but exactly it became an inseparable part of her image. Let's look at examples of Ariana hairstyles. Do You want the same cute and charming look?