Are tape-in extensions a good option?

Are tape-in extensions a good option? The short answer: Yes!


We may be slightly biased towards fusion extensions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE what tape-in extensions have to offer- which is a lot!


Tape-in extensions are one of the most requested forms of extensions in hair salons across the world. Here’s why.




The big draw for tape-in extensions, compared to the many other forms of hair extensions, is cost. Tape-in extensions are the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension option. This is largely due to the quick application. A quick application results in a lower cost! It depends on individual needs, but a tape-in application can be as fast as 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be in and out of the salon in no time.



They are the happy medium of hair extension options

There are many different types of hair extensions you can get; from fusion, to clip-in. Where fusion extensions offer a longer term option and clip-ins have a one-night vibe, tape-ins are the happy medium in between. You don’t have to commit to them long-term if you don’t want to, but they can last up to 8 weeks.

different types of hair extensions

And after your 8 weeks of wear… They are reusable!

Another great aspect of tape-in extensions is the ability to re-use the hair multiple times; a huge benefit, especially if you’ve had your extensions custom cut or coloured. Tape-in extensions can be re-taped 3-4 times, depending on the brand and quality of extensions you use. GL Tapes, Great Lengths tape-in product, can be re-taped up to 3 times. Check out a review of our tape-in system here.



Easy to apply, easy to take care of and easy to remove

When you invest in high quality tape-in extensions, your extensions will not shed, matt or tangle and maintenance will be super easy and hassle free. You’ll need to brush your hair at least three times a day, and wash your hair less frequently (So invest in a good dry shampoo!) When you have worn your extensions for the 6-8 week period and the time has come to remove them, the removal process is as quick and easy as the application. Your stylist will gently rub a removal solution at the root, and your tape-ins will simply slide off with no damage to your natural hair.



They are discrete, flexible and completely natural looking

Tape-ins lay completely flush against the head, for results that are virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear. The tapelines in tape-on-tape systems on the market today are small, (GL Tapes are only 3 mm wide – and new Mini GL Tapes, measuring 1.5 mm wide, are on the way!) allowing for a 100% natural look. During application, stylists have the ability to maximize placement options to ensure a genuine and clean look for each individual client. 






  • It’s really important to have a skilled professional install your tape-in extensions! If the stylist installing your extensions isn’t trained to place them correctly, the tapeline will be easily detected. They could also be installed too close to the scalp causing pain and even permanent damage to your natural hair.

  • After your stylist installs your tape-ins, a great cut is a must to blend the extensions with your natural hair.

  • The colour of your tape-in extensions is equally as important as the application process. Your stylist will colour match with your natural hair.

  • Tape-ins are applied with a medical grade adhesive so they are hypoallergenic, and the adhesive is strong and will stay firmly in place.

  • It is very important for the health of your hair that a professional stylist also handles the removal.

  • And of course: when installed properly, no one will be able to tell that you are wearing hair extensions. 🙌


Switching up your hair is fun! One of the best, and most non-committal ways to achieve a major hair makeover is experimenting with tape-in extensions. Your hairstyle options are practically endless. Find a Great Lengths stylist near you to learn more about how our tape-in system, GL Tapes, can enhance your hair.