Hair thinning is an unfortunate side effect of aging and often caused by hereditary, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications affecting nearly 80% of men and women in the world. Not to mention the fact that hair loss can happen not just at your hairline, but on the sides, crown, or the back of your head as well. But if your hair loss hasn’t quite hit the stage that may have you thinking about a wig or extensions, Hair Evermore has another option you may not have heard of before. They’re called Hair Toppers/Top Pieces, and they can make you look fabulous for any occasion because they are designed to address all of your partial hair loss needs with one single piece in any style you desire. 

1. The Pop’in Top Piece & Easy Bang

These particular tops give volume to thinning areas of the head, and offers styles like side bangs, up-do’s, and highlights. If you don’t need volume all around, try the Pop’in Top piece or Easy Bang piece for a quick fill on the spot. These two toppers are fantastic for everyday use; going to work, lunch with friends or lounging around the house. Two of our absolute favorites that also come in versatile lengths; the Pop’in piece at 11” and the easy bang piece at 8”.

2. The Natural Top Medium

The Natural Top Medium is one of our more popular toppers amongst women of all ages. A fine, flowy mono top hair piece that is perfect for any occasion, but we like this topper for when you’re looking to add some pizazz to a date night. An attractive combination of vitality and glamour, this topper will give you a youthful, fun appearance with a level of maturity and strength. 

3Top Piece Secret Crown

A topper voted #1 by most retailers, this choice serves multiple purposes and is the most diverse topper in our catalog. For clients with side-swept bangs, thinning temples, thinning crown, flat sides, lacking volume at the frown, or if clients are simply in need of covering up their roots. A topper perfect for women of any age, you’ll wish you owned multiple versions because there are so many shades and colors available, from blonde to brunette and everything in between. You’ll turn heads on any special occasion with the Top Piece Secret Crown accompanied with a cute purse, a cute dress and a cocktail in your hand. 

4. Natural Top Large

A flirty pre-styled blunt bang with a ready to wear monofilament front base for when you’re looking to gain a healthier, fuller head of hair. The Natural Top Large is a wonderful, youthful topper that also gives the illusion of height with a length of 19”, especially if you’re wearing a dress with a shorter skirt. The appearance of longer legs is a tough look to achieve and the Natural Top topper perfectly gives you that gain without the aid of heels or other shoes with height. A popular choice for those looking to cover receding or balding frontal areas.


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