Tape Hair Extensions? - HERE'S WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW!

Tape hair extensions have seen a ton of progress over the last few years. What was once an avoided method of hair extensions is quickly becoming the best way to add some flair to your luscious locks! The beauty of technology and innovation is that it's always advancing, even in the fashion and beauty world. The precision of today's tape hair extensions are second to none with more than a few benefits. To start with the obvious, tape hair extensions are painless, discreet, and easy to manage. An utterly seamless fit only adds to the benefits. Let's have a look at why tape hair extensions are the way to go.

tape hair extension

What are tape-in hair extensions?
Tape hair extensions are the seamless and painless way to add some new life to your hairstyle in a way that looks and feels 100% natural. Instead of a machine sewn weft or micro rings, the extension is positioned into your hair using two pieces of ultra-thin tape. The tape itself is sandwiched between your natural hair creating a natural look that doesn't have apparent seams, unlike other hair extension methods.

Are tape hair extensions right for me?
A method that seems so perfect has to have a catch, right? Well, not so much a catch, but maybe a little dose of honesty. Tape-in hair extensions are not suitable for every natural hair type or hairstyle. Tape hair extensions do work best for people with finer hair. People with a shorter hairstyle like a bob or concave bob may have trouble getting a genuinely seamless blend. If you don't fit the category for tape-in hair extensions, fear not; our other options that don't work well for people with finer hair are perfect for those that do. With the right color match and the ultra-thin tape, this extension style is ideal for those with finer hair where the other methods would have a less natural appearance.

How do I wash my hair?
We strongly recommend that you only wash your hair once a week when wearing tape-in hair extensions. If you wash more than that, you will find that your hair extensions may start sliding out. Over washing can also damage the quality of the hair by drying it out. Remember to always use a SULFATE FREE shampoo. Sulfates will break down the bond causing your hair extensions to slip out. DO NOT apply conditioner on the root or the tape wefts of the hair. Be careful to only use conditioner on the length and ends of your hair.

How long do I have before I need to refit them?
As long as you don't wash your hair more than once a week and avoid damaging products, our tape hair extensions should last 8 weeks before you need to refit them.

How many pieces make a full head?
The amount of pieces needed depends on your hairstyle and the thickness of your hair. On average, a full head of tape-in hair extensions is around 60 pieces, but the amount may vary.

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