The Best Hair Extensions for Fine Thin Hair and Ones to Avoid

Hair extensions provide a number of other benefits such as adding length, volume and thickness to one’s hair. However, that doesn’t just mean you can get any hair extension you desire. Each kind is different and only meant for or is more ideal for certain hair types.

Fine, thin hair is no different as the wrong kind of extension installed on those who have such hair can make them look unnatural, defeat the purpose of having extensions installed in the first place and even damage their natural hair.

So with that said, here are our recommendations for the best extensions to get for those who have thin, fine hair while we also look at ones to avoid.

Extensions to get

Hand-Tied weft

Hand-tied weft extensions are hair extensions where the hair has been sewn-in together by hand. This method does not require a lot of hair which creates a thinner lining, giving it a more natural look against the head as a result. They are usually used for natural beaded weft attachments.

While they cannot be cut due to their delicate nature, they are the best choice for adding natural volume for people who have thin, fine hair. That’s because of their thin design while they also lie flat on your hair without added bulk or weight. There is also no adhesive or tape required either while the biggest benefit is that they can last between four to 12 months with the proper care and maintenance.


Tape-in extensions are hair extensions that you apply to your scalp with tape. They are one of the more popular options for hair extensions as they are not only relatively easy to install, but can also be worn for long periods of time.

They are also suitable for those with fine, thin hair as they are lightweight and can be concealed within your hair but some caution should be taken. That’s because the adhesive from the tape can damage your natural hair if it’s not attached or removed properly which isn’t ideal for women who already have thinner hair.

That said, with the proper care and maintenance, tape-in extensions won’t only give your thin hair look more volume and thickness, but can also last up to eight weeks before they need to be reinstalled. In total, they can be applied three to four times.



Extensions to avoid


Clip-in hair extensions are extensions that you clip on to your scalp. They are usually for those looking to wear them for special occasions or events as they can easily be installed within minutes and are taken off at the end of the day.

While they offer convenience, they are not advised for those with fine, thin hair. That’s because of the weight of the clips which might cause them to slide off the hair if it’s too thin or fine. Along with this, clips tend to be more visible so it will be a dead giveaway that you’re wearing extensions.

I-Tip (Cold Fusion/Stick Tip)

I-Tip hair extensions are extensions that are slipped into a copper or silicon cylinder/bead and compressed onto strands of your hair.

While they are one of the more popular options as far as hair extensions are concerned, they are not ideal for fine, thin hair as the weight of the cylinder or bead slipped with hair can tug at the hair and cause it to pull out.

U-Tip (Hot Fusion/Nail Tip/Keratin Bond)

U-Tip hair extensions are pre-tipped, U-shaped extensions that are lined with silicon. It is called a U-tip because your hair is put in between a U-shaped curve at the tip of the extension before it is sealed with melted, non-damaging keratin glue using a hot fusion iron.

However, they shouldn’t be considered an option for fine, thin hair as they don’t hold well on such hair while there is also a risk of natural hair getting pulled out during the removal process.

Machine weft

Machine weft hair extensions are when strands of hair are sewn together by a machine onto a weft and can be installed onto the client with clips, glue, or sewn on.

That said, they are thick, bulky and weigh more than other extensions so they are not a good blend for those who have fine, thin hair. Instead, they are more ideal for those who have thick, coarse hair.